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Lyndsey Johnsen, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Therapist in Illinois & North Carolina

Hi, I’m Lyndsey Johnsen, a

Licensed Clinical Social Worker &

Holistic Therapist for Illinois



Clinical Experience 


Lyndsey has extensive training in the medical field and has respect for first responders and medical personnel who work in this field. It’s where she had experience assisting moms postpartum with birth trauma, children, teen, and adults with crisis intervention, chronic pain management and chronic illness training, and grief and loss training.

Lyndsey spent many years assisting children and their caregivers to connect, gain an understanding of trauma, and learn coping and self-regulation skills. She has spent a majority of her career in collaboration and in support of school personnel and childcare providers. Topics of support have included trauma, attachment, mental health disorders, social emotional skills, and behavioral issues.

For 3+ years, Lyndsey worked as a Telehealth Therapist facilitating short-term solution focused therapy for an employee assistance program, she spoke to upwards of 500 clients a year who were navigating adulthood and college transitions, work related stress, career struggles and lack of work-life balance, parental burnout and child behavioral issues, relationship strain or loss, grief, major life changes, stress in the nervous system, overthinking, intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs, distorted thoughts, procrastination, and various types of addictions.

Therapist Viewpoint

Disclaimer: I am not without faults, past trauma or hardships. However, I have dedicated my life mission to healing myself, understanding stress and the mind-body connection, learning how to create authentic connections, and developing practical self-management, self-reflection, and stress relief tools that can be used in everyday life. I have been gifted with the ability to connect, empathize, and walk the sometimes very darkly lit path along-side clients who are dedicated to experiencing freedom from (you name it-fear, doubts, shame), gaining clarity of their strengths and purpose, and accepting that they are the author and creator of their own story.

I believe that outwardly expressing yourself verbally and physically can lead to self-awareness, emotional healing, and stress relief in the body. I like to say, better out than in, except when your intention is to go within to connect with your intuition. 

Whether you need temporary support for a current situation or to dig deeper to heal from your past, I am open and more than willing to walk that path alongside you! 


Professional Credentials:

  • North Carolina License in Clinical Social Work, 2022
  • Illinois License in Clinical Social Work, 2013
  • Master in Social Work, Aurora University, 2009
  • 14+ live hours of training and over 200 cases of therapy for moms with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Components of Care and Advanced Perinatal Psychotherapy
  • Circle of Security, Circle of Security International
  • 5 day Intensive, Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)
  • Theraplay, The Theraplay Institute in Chicago
  • Sho Den- First Degree Reiki
  • Oku Den- Second Degree Reiki

Clinical Specialties:

  • Loss and Grief-miscarriage, birth trauma, relationships, major life transitions
  • Career Burnout: Chronic Stress, and Compassion Fatigue in Professionals, Teachers, Childcare Providers, Medical Professionals, Healers, & Mental Health Professionals
  • Parental Burnout: Stress in nervous system, emotional detachment & thoughts of being ineffective as a parent and in parenting skills
  • Pregnant and new mothers who are in the perinatal stage [pregnancy to 1 year] who are experiencing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs, or Anxiety, Depression/Rage, OCD/Intrusive Thoughts, PTSD, and difficulties with transitioning into parenthood)