Find freedom from the darkness and difficulties with coping while going through the grief and loss phase.

Holistic Grief Therapist in Illinois 

I can help you work through grief and loss, getting you on the path to healing and moving forward in your season of life. Book a free discovery call today.

Holistic Grief Therapy Services in Illinois 

Grief is a part of life. Move through your season of grief and loss with my holistic therapy services in Illinois – a complete body, mind, and soul approach. Holistic Therapy can help you work through the many forms of grief and loss and handle it in a safe loving space. Grief is a challenging process, and it often comes with stress and anxiety. Let’s work together to find ways to manage these emotions for you. I’m here to help you learn how to move through your grief with as much ease as possible.

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As a Holistic Grief Therapist, I can help you get through your grieving process.


Whether you have gone through the loss of a relationship, experienced the passing of a loved one or a pet, or are a caregiver who has an adult child who is leaving the nest, I can help you get relief from your pain through grief management and therapy. I also assist caregivers to help their children understand and cope with grief and loss (divorce, passing of a pet/family member, or a major life transition).  

Loss and Grief  Therapist in Illinois

Studies have shown that the best way to work through loss is with a Holistic Grief Therapist. Holistic Grief Therapy is the process of addressing a person’s physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. I provide grief therapy to individuals who need help coping with their loss – tailored to each unique situation and coupled with custom treatment plans that focus on healing and rebuilding your life.

I provide one-on-one sessions that are personal, supportive, and tailored to your needs. I work with you to offer compassionate guidance and tools to help you process and heal from your loss. I provide a non-invasive, natural and gentle treatment for the symptoms of grief and loss. These treatments are designed to support the physical, mental and spiritual sides of every individual.

Loss and Grief  Management

Learn how to cope with your loss and grief, with my Holistic Healing Intervention program in Illinois. Ask yourself:

• Do you constantly feel nervous, worried & unable to relax?
• Do you feel sad, powerless, and filled with regret?
• Are you unable to feel emotions?
• Do you feel lost and empty?
• Are you removed and isolated from others?
• Are you preoccupied and forgetful?
• Do you try to stay active to forget and push out feelings?
• Have you notice a decline in work performance?
• Have you stopped caring about things in general?
• Has your temper and mood changed?

If so, you may need help of a Holistic Grief Therapist.

I can help you get back on your feet, regain control of your life, and find better ways to deal with loss no matter where you’re at in the grieving process. Let’s work together to help you find the freedom and clarity you deserve – in as little as 12 weeks!

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